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Arena Design

Building an exciting arena with eye-catching designs is among the most important variables in the success of any laser tag center. The arena by itself must be a memorable experience for your guests. The two most frequently chosen options are to buy an arena from a theming company, or build-your-own arena with design assistance from Laser-Blast.

Laser-Blast partners with several companies that specialize in laser tag arena design. Each company offers versatile solutions with their own flair and artistic genius.

Images below were provided by Creative Works, Studio 41B, Art Attack, and Budget Arenas, respectively.

Art AttackArt Attack

Art AttackArt Attack

DIY Arena Planning

We propose an arena layout based on your competitive environment, building space constraints, and budget. We work with you to develop an exciting arena with plenty of variation and well-placed interactive devices for a memorable customer experience.


We use the latest 3D design software to help you visualize your new arena before beginning construction. A laser tag arena can be built in as little as 1000 square feet; increase your earnings in the space you are already paying for. See our Arena Layout Gallery for samples from previous layouts